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   Heaven forbid but should your dog have cronic health problems there is sure to be a Yahoo Group Forum of owners who have dogs suffering from simular issues. Join them and discover you are not alone, just Google Yahoo Groups.
Chip My Dog.   A website with information on Dog Microchipping and where to have you dog chipped for free.
Dog Star Daily.   This is the best website by far for all dog training issues.
Raw Food Dog Diet.   'An idea whose time has come', Puppytime endorses raw feeding.
Solicitor Trevor Coopers' Dog Law Website   Keep abreast of the current Dog Legislation.
Dog Lost.   Contact these people if your dog is stolen or lost.
Dog Breed Info Center.   An American site with info on hundreds of Dog Breeds and much more.
Emily Wilton, Equine and Canine Therapy.   Emily specialises in McTimoney-Corley Animal Spinal Therapy and Canine Massage Therapy - providing a safe, effective and holistic treatment for musculoskeletal problems in horses and dogs.
The Gundog Club.   Their main mission statement is  "To raise standards of skill and behaviour amongst working and pet gundogs". The tests are open to all Gundogs.
The Kennel Club   The website of the Kennel Club has tons of information on dogs
Lets talk dog breeding.   An awsome site with interesting articles on the reality of dog breeding, genetic disorders and training. If you intend to breed from your dog this place is for you! The training section provides an insight in the dogs mind.
Mar Vista Vets.   This is the very best vet practice site in the web. Full of dog health info.
Spaying and Neutering Info.   A very interesting view on spaying or neutering your dog, a must read before deciding.
The Roofbox Company.   The site sells some amazing foldaway dog cages and carriers ideal for travelling with your pouch, plus car roof boxes and other stuff far too varied to detail.
Woodhaven Labs.   That's Labradors not laboratories. Want some sound advice on dog keeping in general? beware though, you could lose yourself here for weeks and weeks reading the dog articles.