We train you to train your puppy. The basic puppy course is for 8 weeks (one hour per week). We aim to make the classes as much fun as possible with much emphasis on socialisation. Training by love and kindness and the use of treats, we tend to call it bribery and corruption! But it works and you and your puppy will no doubt find this the easiest training method. There are no harsh handling methods or choke chains. Homework sheets are given each week and all we ask is for you to revise and practice at home. The Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Assessment is included in the course.

The first week is mainly devoted to socialising all the puppies so that they gain confidence, make friends and will therefore return eagerly the next week. In the midst of this party time we introduce the basis of the training, all very easy and not taxing to any puppy. From week 2 we continue in leaps and bounds with the education process but always keeping the fun and socialising. At week 3 we have the first of our weekly competitions based on the training to date. These are called the Bonio competitions where ‘pets win prizes’. From weeks 5-8 we start to introduce little courses which get progressively more difficult to make things more interesting.

By week 8 providing you have practiced the training at home you will have attained a high degree of skill and competence that will make your puppy socially acceptable both within the home and outside and with a little further study have achieved a standard allowing you to confidently pass the bronze level of the Good Citizens Award Scheme should you so wish.

These skills and behaviour training include:

  • Coming back when called
  • Walking on a loose lead
  • Leaving food ( yes your dog can manage this )
  • Sitting, lying down and staying in the sit and down positions
  • Calmly being left, with lead tied up
  • Allow owners, strangers, children and vets to handle them
  • Negotiate obstacles
  • General control with family and strangers, eg not jumping up
  • Various other skills, exercises, competence activities
  • Plus information on health and hygiene (toilet training/cleaning up)

At the end of the course your puppy will receive a laminated diploma which is personalised with his or her photo attached (we take photos of all the puppies on weeks 6 or 7 ). We also organise slightly more advanced classes, these are not presented as a course. They are more on a drop in basis and we encourge people to go for the Kennel Club Good Citizens Awards up to Gold Standard.

Finally we thought that we would tell you that we often meet former pupils with their now grown up (well behaved of course!) dogs. They reminisce with us over their time at class and say what a wonderful time they all had. One lady once mentioned to us that her labrador Ben’s time at puppy class was the best time he had ever had, hence our slogan ---

"Your pet will have the puppytime of its life !"